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"The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist."

Hello. New here.

'Very well,' said Elizabeth, 'I have nothing to send but my love. Oh! you may as well take back that tiresome book she would lend me, and pretend I have read it through. I really cannot be plaguing myself for ever with all the new poems and states of the nation that come out. Lady Russell quite bores one with her new publications. You need not tell her so, but I thought her dress hideous the other night. I used to think she had some taste in dress, but I was ashamed of her at the concert. Something so formal and arrange in her air! and she sits so upright! My best love, of course.'

'And mine,' added Sir Walter. 'Kindest regards. And you may say, that I mean to call upon her soon. Make a civil message. But I shall only leave my card. Morning visits are never fair by women at her time of life, who make themselves up so little. If she would only wear rouge, she would not be afraid of being seen; but last time I called, I observed the blinds were let down immediately.'

-- Persuasion by Jane Austen, Chapter X: Er, that's all, Page 173

'The only wonder was, what they could be waiting for, till the business at Lyme; then, indeed, it was clear enough that they must wait till her brain was set to right.'
-- Same as above, Page 138

'Ay, a very bad business indeed. - A new sort of way this, for a young fellow to be making love [courting, of course], by breaking his mistress's head! - is not it, Miss Elliot? - This is breaking a head and giving a plaister truly!'
-- Page 103

Hahah. That silly Admiral Croft.
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