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Hi! I'm Gigi. I like books. I like humor. And I have something to contribute!
Sorry, it's kind of long:
I'm not to experienced with links so I hope this works...
The Tragedy of Pudd'nhead Wilson by Mark Twain, Chapter XI, Pg 90-91
*A fire breaks out during a meeting of the rum party*
"The fireboys were never on hand so suddenly before; for there was no distance to go this time, their quarters being in the rear end of the market house. There was an engine company and a hook-and-ladder company. Half of each was composed of rummies and the other half of anti-rummies, after the moral and political share-and-share-alike fashion of the frontier town of the period. Enough anti-rummies were loafing in quarters to man the engine and the ladders. In two minutes they had their red shirts and helmits on--they never stirred officially in unofficial costume--and as the mass meeting overhead smashed throught the long row of windows and poured out upon the roof of the arcade, the deliverers were ready for them with a powerful stream of water, which washed some of them off the roof and nearly drowned the rest. But water was preferable to fire, and still the stampede from the windows continued, and still the pitiless drenching assailed it until the building was empty; then the fireboys mounted to the hall and flooded it with water enough to annihilate forty times as much fire as there was there; for a village fire company does not often get a chance to show off, and so when it does get a chance, it makes the most of it. Such citizens of that village as were of a thoughtful and judicious temperament did not insure against fire; they insured against the fire company."
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