Funky-Tailed Squirrel (5ampunkrock) wrote in bookhumor,
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Hey ya'll, I'm Kristi, I'm almost 19 (two months away), and I'm a book-aholic. Right now I'm on page 80-something of Bram Stoker's "Dracula" and page 80-something of Albert Camus' "The Stranger". And I'm also about 20 pages into Alexandre Dumas fils' "La Dame aux Camelias" and 50+ pages into Thomas Hardy's "The Mayor of Casterbridge", but I'm not actively reading those at the moment. I have a horrible habit of starting books and then putting them down for several months before I actually finish them. It works, though; I tend to enjoy them more after the break.

That's my intro post, and I'm sticking to it LOL
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